About us

About us

Since the beginning of humanity, camping and temporary lodging has been intrinsic to our species, nomads, travelers, etc. Camping as a leisure activity was born later and has changed and evolved a lot since its beginnings, but what remains is the love for the freedom that camping offers, the respect for the natural environment and the beauty of minimalism that living with basic elements implies. That is what we believe in, since 1962, when Antonio Soto Ferreira decided to found these facilities. He was a pioneer in Galicia and in Spain. It was from the beginning a first class campsite, committed above all to the quality of camping. At the time, it was the first first first-class campsite in Galicia and the 103rd in Spain.Since then, the Soto family has continued to work in camping tourism.

Things have changed since then, but not the dedication to the facilities that have been reinventing and innovating in parallel to the needs of today's camper, thanks to the experience of more than 50 years of work. Today, the management is in charge of the third generation, which undoubtedly carries the campsite in its DNA.

We welcome you every season with the same enthusiasm that Antonio had in 1962. Each year we welcome new and familiar faces, whom we are happy to see again. We learn from our campers and take note. We have also earned the love and support of our neighbors, whom we miss each winter. Our enthusiastic team arrives each April eager to learn about what's new and meet our new guests.

We have created a dynamic family that enjoys the intense teamwork of the season. History keeps changing and we want to continue to be part of it. Now, in times of uncertainty, we want to continue to be here for you and offer you our hospitality.

From the management, we welcome you and thank you for choosing us.

Camping is the answer, Who cares what the question is.

Javier Fidalgo Soto, Manager of Camping Valdoviño

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